Project Description

Main Features
Standard Din Rail
Bus Connection with Corona TR7Z
Configurable I/O
Small, compact and modular

General Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage 9 – 30 V
Power Consumption Operational mode: 20 mA (average)
Dimensions Standard 2 module DIN 35x86x58 mm
Enclosure PC ABS
Weight ~50gr
Temperature Range (Operating) -20°C to +70°C
Main Communication Serial bi-directional Rs485
Secondary Communication options                                                         RS323 (EX6s only)


EX6i EX6s
I/O Analog Digital Output Analog Digital Output
1 0-15v 0-15v
2 0-15v 0-15v
3 0-15v 0-15v
4 0-30v 0-30v
5 0-30v RS232 comunication
6 0-30v