Project Description

Main Features
Unified unit for all assets
Standard Din Rail
Using GPS SiRFstarIV™, GSM Communication – GPRS + SMS
Enhanced processing capabilities
Enhanced memory for up to 8,000 transmissions logging
Integrated fuel monitoring solution
Serial RS232/RS485 communication
Back up battery
Remote updates / full remote firmware upgrades

General Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage 9 – 30 V
Power Consumption -Full power mode ->0.5 W average (Aprox.) @12v aprox. 35mA-Low Power mode ->

0.2 W average (Aprox.) @12v aprox. 12mA

-Deep Low power (backup battery only) ->250uA (Aprox.)

Dimensions Standard 9 module DIN 157x86x58 mm
Enclosure  PC ABS
Weight ~300gr
Temperature Range (Operating) -20°C to +70°C
Serial Serial bi-directional RS232/Rs485
I/O’s 3 x Digital inputs. Internal pull-up
3 x Analog inputs
1 x Output (Open collector, 200mA)