Project Description

Main Features
Digital ASIC chip with Analog Channel
Dual or Quad Pyro Sensor
Spherical Fresnel Lens with Anti-Halogen Layer
Integrated Sealed Optics
Covering up to 12 meters (H=2.40M) at 20
Extreme False Alarms Immunity
Accurate Temperature Compensation (+/- 0.2° C)
Adjustable Pulse Count
Sensitivity Fine Tuning Trimmer & Pulse count
Built-In Tamper Switch
Durable, compact 3 mm ABS housing
Fully Computerized Quality Control Testing
High Immunity to RFI, EMI & Halogen
Professional Swivel Bracket (Pro&Pet models)
Easy and Fast installation

General Technical Specifications
Temperature Range (Operating)                                                       -10°C to +50°C
Dimensions  77 X 66 X 39 mm
Current 7mA at 12VDC
Voltage 8.4-16 DC